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  • Simplify complex language
  • Establish effective personal communication


  • Now able to articulate the true value of College Zoom to potential clients
  • Added new student-focused program to services

College Zoom makes getting into dream schools a reality for students

College Zoom is a one-on-one college mentoring firm dedicated to helping students gain acceptance to the college or university of their choice. David Reynaldo, the founder of College Zoom, developed the idea of this service for a class project in 2009 while he was enrolled at the University of Southern California. An outgoing student, he was surprised to learn that several of his USC classmates had been admitted with lower grade point averages than he thought the university accepted. He wondered how they gained admission to such a top-tier school. After he spoke with college admission officers, Reynaldo learned that academic performance, though important, is only part of the reason students were admitted into USC. Admissions officers also considered students who complimented the culture of the university. This was demonstrated through a student’s ability to make unique contributions in their extracurricular activities that aligned with the mission and vision of the university.


Reynaldo has been passionate about helping students stand out in their extracurricular activities to align with the culture of the college or university they want to attend.Reynaldo has been knowledgeable about the college admissions process, but needed help simplifying complex admission information to his audience and breaking down common misconceptions held by prospective clients which led them to not value the service offerings that would actually deliver the results they desired.

“I was pretty skeptical of the SBDC at first because I didn’t really know what they had to offer. Once I realized the caliber of counselors they had, I realized that the SBDC is a hidden gem. These are individuals who teach at the best business schools. They are extremely professional, highly advanced, and highly sophisticated. It’s almost like getting an education from the kind of people who make America’s best business colleges great, for free. Without the SBDC I wouldn’t be able to articulate to prospective clients the true value of College Zoom and the services we provide.”

David Reynaldo, Founder, College Zoom

Best Advice

Business Advisor Lori Williams from the Small Business Development Center hosted by Pasadena City College helped Reynaldo understand the importance of simple communications. Industry terminology used in his messages confused his audience and did not inform them of College Zoom’s services. Reynaldo even applied Williams’ lessons to his personal life, having understood that how he communicated and interacted with people (i.e. customers, friends, family, etc.) impacted the relationships he had with them. “I love working with David,” says Williams. “I’ve known him for many years, since he was a student in my entrepreneurial program at USC. Reynaldo stands out to me because he is not only interested in building his business for profitability. He always wants to know the best way to help his employees, members and others involved in his business reach their fullest potential. That’s refreshing.”

Education is the Great Equalizer

Through College Zoom, Reynaldo is helping dreams come true for students who want to gain admission to the best colleges and universities. His business model is one that encourages and guides students to participate in the right mix of activities in the years before they start applying to schools.

Don’t just get Ready, Stay Ready

Reynaldo is working to make College Zoom the premier college counseling service by impacting as many lives as possible through one-on-one coaching, the multiple services offered for his clients, and even supporting and encouraging students to excel in their classes.

Head of the Class

Thanks to guidance from the SBDC, Reynaldo is now developing a program for high schools that will support and encourage students to want better performance in their academics. The program will instill motivation and confidence in students that they will apply to their future academics. One simple piece of this program is making it a habit for students to sit in the front row, which is the attitude college admissions officers are seeking in new students!

Client Impact

Working with the SBDC has helped Reynaldo improve his ability to articulate the benefits of his business to potential clients.

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